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Takeaways From The Annual B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report


The Annual B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report, Edelman and LinkedIn’s latest collaboration, reveals insights into B2B marketing.


The study examines the impact of thought leadership on B2B decision-makers and C-suite executives, providing valuable guidance for organizations operating in this field.


Key findings from the report highlight the pivotal role of thought leadership:

  1. 73% of B2B decision-makers prioritize an organization’s thought leadership content over traditional marketing materials when assessing capabilities.
  2. An overwhelming 90% of decision-makers and executives are more receptive to companies consistently producing high-quality thought leadership.
  3. Thought leadership content can encourage customers to reconsider current supplier relationships, as 70% of respondents reported.
  4. However, resource constraints hinder effective thought leadership, with 50% of respondents citing under-resourcing as a primary barrier.
  5. Quality remains a concern, with only 13% of respondents rating the quality of thought leadership as excellent.


Effective communication is crucial in today’s challenging B2B landscape, particularly in the face of tightening budgets. Thought leadership is a powerful tool for demonstrating value and fostering customer trust, with PR playing a crucial role in shaping narratives.


Joe Kingsbury, Global Chair of Edelman Business Marketing, emphasized reframing challenges and opportunities to capture B2B buyers’ attention. He underscored the superiority of insightful content over traditional marketing approaches, highlighting PR leaders’ opportunity to drive impactful storytelling initiatives.


Ophelie Janus, the Global Head of Thought Leadership at Siemens, emphasized the importance of thought leadership in creating stronger relationships between businesses and customers. She underlined the importance of providing reliable and practical insights to establish trust and create value for customers throughout their journey.


The 2024 report highlights the importance of thought leadership in the changing B2B landscape. It encourages organizations to prioritize quality content and strategic communication to succeed.

pr and seo

PR and SEO: A New Symbiotic Relationship

The Adaptation and Evolution of PR and SEO

The integration of SEO into PR strategies is vital for a robust online presence. There are many compelling reasons why businesses and personal brands need to use SEO to enhance their public relations and online reputation campaigns.


Amplify Website Visibility through Link Building

PR and SEO go hand in hand when it comes to link building. High-quality backlinks from authoritative websites significantly enhance your website’s credibility and visibility. They signal to Google that an authoritative site trusts yours, earning you SEO benefits. It’s that straightforward. By combining compelling PR stories and content with a targeted keyword and link-building strategy, you can achieve remarkable results.


Boost Your SERPs Ranking

Securing a spot on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) is highly sought after, and strong SEO is the key to getting there. By optimizing your content and leveraging PR efforts, you can improve your website’s ranking for relevant keywords, driving more organic traffic and increasing brand awareness. Use flagship keywords to add value to your campaigns by making them more search-friendly.


Establish Website Authority

SEO isn’t just about keywords, it’s about showcasing authority in your niche. PR campaigns can generate media coverage and endorsements from industry experts to enhance your website’s authority on search engines. Strengthen your campaigns by aligning off-site content with relevant on-site material.


Elevate the Value of Your Campaigns

In today’s digital age, PR and SEO are intrinsically connected and mutually beneficial. By becoming SEO-savvy, you add substantial value to your clients, business, and customers. Incorporating SEO best practices into your PR campaigns is a sound strategy in today’s online landscape. Imagine the added value to your client if you could amplify the results of a successful campaign with SEO expertise.


Increase Keyword Ranking to Attract Customers 

Whether you’re selling products or services, site traffic is of paramount importance. By combining PR efforts with SEO, you can strategically optimize your content to rank for keywords that not only align with your goals, but are also likely to attract more customers and clients. This leads to more leads and ultimately new opportunities. Choosing the right keywords is the trick, and this requires a blend of SEO and PR insights.


Provide Deeper Insights to Clients

While PR campaigns traditionally focus on metrics like reach and media mentions, SEO opens up a whole new world of valuable insights. Incorporating SEO allows you to track metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, and conversion rates. These metrics offer a more comprehensive view of your campaign’s success and help fine-tune your strategies.


Future-Proof Your Skills

SEO tools offer invaluable data insights. By analyzing keyword performance, click-through rates, and user behavior, PR professionals can gain a deeper understanding of their audience’s preferences and behaviors. This data informs future PR strategies and content creation.


Harnessing the power of SEO can supercharge campaigns, improve online visibility, and achieve better results. In an era where digital presence is paramount, embracing SEO as an integral part of a PR strategy is a savvy move that empowers your brand and ensures its continued success.

AI in Digital Marketing

Using AI in Digital Marketing: Top 7 Disadvantages


AI in digital marketing is fast becoming all the new rage. So… I had to share this post by NPDigital*, which offers deep insight for all marketing and PR professionals. A must read.


Here’s the post:


With so much of the digital marketing world adopting artificial intelligence, you may ask, “Am I the only digital marketer with concerns about AI?”


The answer is a resounding no!


As with any new technology, there are always those with hesitations. Even in those who eagerly adopted AI, there may still be concerns about its disadvantages and risks. This is especially true for digital marketers.


In this post, we’ll outline the current state of AI. We’ll then share seven disadvantages of AI in digital marketing, as determined by our survey respondents. Finally, we’ll share tips for mitigating such disadvantages and risks, so you can adopt AI for the benefit of your marketing strategy.


How AI is Being Used in the Marketing Landscape


There is a lot of misunderstanding about how companies use AI. This is often due to lack of understanding of what AI is and what it actually can do.


As it currently stands, AI touches many aspects of digital marketing. For example, it’s used by email marketing platforms to collect customer data and personalize content. It’s also used by advertising platforms to optimize digital ad placements.


There are some digital marketers who use AI to collect and curate content. Even just popping a prompt into ChatGPT or any other AI copywriting tools counts as content curation.


There are more blatant examples. Chatbots are a common occurrence across the web. They use AI technology to respond to customer questions, but also to learn how to better interact with customers in the future.


The use of AI in digital marketing is wide and varied. As more AI tools become available, this is only likely to increase over time.


What does the Data Show Us about AI Risk and Disadvantages?

Continue reading on NPDigital.


*Laurie Pehar Borsh PR is a NPDigital/NPAccel partner

Top 7 Disadvantages of Using AI in Digital Marketing

Laurie Pehar Borsh Personal Digital PR Manager

Personal Digital PR Manager or Producer? Do You Need One?

Laurie Pehar Borsh Personal Digital PR Manager


Do you need a personal digital PR manager or producer? Yes, today’s professionals/entrepreneurs are much more informed about Digital PR, and online reputation management much more than ever before. Thanks to the many amazing coaching, classes and tools available today.


These coaches/classes are fantastic and offer lots of great information and ideas. But I have come to realize that many people come away with information overload. “Where to begin, what to say, when to do all this?” Most business professionals are either too busy, overwhelmed, even too nervous to start, or stick with a personal promotional effort (on and off-line), which is where I come in.


Simple, and effective digital PR production and management services


I recently reconnected with an old friend. She is an established realtor in an affluent area of Los Angeles. She asked me about my PR business and what I was doing these days. I told her that my main focus was to provide super simple, and effective digital PR production and management services for executives and professionals. Especially on the writing and promotion of personal brands online. 


She chimes in: “Oh my God, you mean you actually take on the social media stuff for your clients? They don’t have to do it all by themselves? I just took at Social Media Class – and it was packed with interesting and great information… but, it MADE MY HEAD SPIN!” 


Hiring a personal digital PR producer is cost-effective


1. Here is an Executive/Professional who understands “the need” for online promotion/reputation management — to keep everything up-to-date and current. and 2. Here is an Executive/Professional who (a) does not want to even deal with this whole online networking, PR initiative stuff, because she is overwhelmed and unfamiliar with it;  (b) because she has way too much on her plate already and (c) because she hates to self promote.  She couldn’t fathom talking about herself online, but she loved the idea of allowing me to act as her “Digital Publicist.” Help her connect with potential clients/business via traditional publicity and online promotion tactics. 


Robust online persona (PR) production and management are a must-have for everyone IN ANY STAGE OF THE GAME.


Personal digital PR manager in your corner to tell your story!


This is the way I see it: People hire stylists, landscapers, builders and housekeepers all the time.  My business is no different. Hiring a digital PR manager to produce/manage your online (and off-line) personal PR initiative is not so much a luxury, as it is a necessity. You have to be in it to win at it, as they say.   Build an (online) audience, and continue to build that audience to stay visible.  Whether you’re constantly looking for new business, customer retention, or job placement, if you build it and keep it built, they’ll come.


Contact me!



Why PR and SEO are Inherently Connected!

Yes! PR and SEO are and will forever remain connected.PR and SEO


Google continues to apply many ranking factors to organic search rankings. But backlinks remain one of the most fundamental aspects of SEO. And not only are these links still vital, but getting the “right kind” of backlink has become harder than ever. Why? Because you have to reach for backlinks from high authority sites and sites within your niche.


These are backlinks that are “editorially placed.” Which means specific links were placed in specific content because they offered value to the reader. This is earning, rather than simply winning a back link. And you have to work hard to earn media, as most public relations professionals attest to! Backlinks on high authority websites are, in my opinion, SEO GOLD for public relations professionals and the companies they represent.


Content is King, and so are Backlinks from High Authority Websites.


It’s all about the art of PR! After all, it is the job of PR to win or EARN media coverage, and that includes digital publications. We are finally attributing digital media publication placement as earned media! It’s about time! When you win a piece of earned media, the article usually includes a backlink to your website. These are your most valuable backlinks, because they’re editorially placed and in high authority or industry niche publication websites. Remember, “Content is King” as they say.


In this post “rank brain” world, Google places more emphasis on the quality of content than ever before. Let’s say you invest in creating a few core pages on your website. If you earn some high authority backlinks, you could be successful in ranking for a few broad keyword terms.  And to rank for as many keywords as possible to onboard organic traffic, you must invest in even more content. Meanwhile, public relations can continue to pump out quality content to win earned digital media placement. This means you can actually get way more value from combining your PR and SEO content efforts!


The Importance of a Digital Footprint.


A digital footprint is what a user finds on the first page of Google when they enter your brand name. That’s important, because it’s the first impression you make with the vast majority of people who engage with your brand!  You always want your website to be in the top spot, and your social profiles should also occupy some results. But to make a good impression, the average user will want to see more than just a nice website. For maximum credibility, people need to find mentions of your brand on high authority sites, i.e. publications or review sites.  This can propel you from an unknown entity into a credible business. This is what PR delivers!


While your digital footprint isn’t always quite the same thing as the SEO of your own websites, it’s all linked! The more earned media you win, the more backlinks you win, and the more our website ranking improves. Furthermore, the more articles mentioning your brand online, the more users can find you. And that equates to the exceptional personal or business brand visibility and credibility!