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Laurie Pehar Borsh PR provides strategic consulting, design, and management of digital PR campaigns and daily programming, including website production. Specializing in online reputation management (ORM), we know how to manage, but also promote, personal and business brands on search engines and social media. We navigate the ins and outs of today’s online channels via traditional communications techniques that encompass traditional business values.


Our clients’ growth initiatives are our #1 goal. So it’s imperative that we provide a return on their investment in us! We are committed to helping our clients reach their long- and short-term goals on digital media platforms at all times. Our success with digital pr management stems from passion for every client’s brand value. We like to stand by and trust in what they put forth in the marketplace. 


Our job is to help clients build and network with targeted online audiences. Expanding a personal and or business brand visibility is important! We can engage an audience’s interest in what our clients offer. It all comes down to creating a successful partnership. Laurie Pehar Borsh will build your online reputation, in an effort to create and maintain the kind of digital placement and publicity you need and deserve.


Partner with a genuine and honest digital PR and marketing service.

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Laurie Pehar Borsh PR voted Best Website Developer 2020 Glendale California