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As a long-time “PR traditionalist with a digital media twist,” Laurie Pehar Borsh offers a range of digital and social media PR production and management services for personal and business brands. LPB Digital PR (LPBPR) services include link building (press release placement, bylined article placement, video production, and more), social network management, audience build and messaging, website design, management and search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, event production (on and offline), personal and business social media publicity consulting, and customize strategies to fit individual client needs for business development, employment search and more.


LPBPR develops and manages digital PR productions and ongoing reputation initiatives for C-suite executives and other high-level professionals, artists, small businesses, and corporations. We also provide outsourced digital services for PR agencies that do not have an in-house option. Working with clients who have already started a social/new media publicity or promotional effort, and others who have not even made the attempt, LPBPR is about putting a “traditional” PR professional and promoter in place on a one-on-one highly personal level. Our goal is to develop the right content and messaging, and to build the right networks to develop the best audiences and search engine page rank placement.


Digital PR management is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!


Hiring a professional to produce and manage a regular PR strategy in the digital media/social media space is not so much of a luxury and more of a necessity these days. Now that digital media becomes more of a necessity to generate more business. This kind of up-close-and-personal support is especially necessary for those who are not used to self-promotion or public relations in the traditional, let alone in social or new media space.


LPBPR produces high-impact, cost-effective solutions using the newest and most efficient online tools and portals. With so many sources, voices, and content flowing in real-time today, managing one’s personal and or business online media and brand identification becomes complex and overwhelming. Her unique personal approach combines new with traditional PR strategies to produce outstanding results.


As a Growth Partner, our goal is ROI and nothing less.


We believe that an investment in digital PR can and will provide ROI, but only if it’s constant, consistent, engaging, well-planned, and interesting. Laurie’s goal is to provide personalized services for individuals and company brands to create consistent online visibility and social network publicity that will support all traditional marketing and sales programs, press and media campaigns, or any type of professional career advancement effort.


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