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B2B Thought Leadership photo by Alena Darmel

Takeaways From The Annual B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report


The Annual B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report, Edelman and LinkedIn’s latest collaboration, reveals insights into B2B marketing.


The study examines the impact of thought leadership on B2B decision-makers and C-suite executives, providing valuable guidance for organizations operating in this field.


Key findings from the report highlight the pivotal role of thought leadership:

  1. 73% of B2B decision-makers prioritize an organization’s thought leadership content over traditional marketing materials when assessing capabilities.
  2. An overwhelming 90% of decision-makers and executives are more receptive to companies consistently producing high-quality thought leadership.
  3. Thought leadership content can encourage customers to reconsider current supplier relationships, as 70% of respondents reported.
  4. However, resource constraints hinder effective thought leadership, with 50% of respondents citing under-resourcing as a primary barrier.
  5. Quality remains a concern, with only 13% of respondents rating the quality of thought leadership as excellent.


Effective communication is crucial in today’s challenging B2B landscape, particularly in the face of tightening budgets. Thought leadership is a powerful tool for demonstrating value and fostering customer trust, with PR playing a crucial role in shaping narratives.


Joe Kingsbury, Global Chair of Edelman Business Marketing, emphasized reframing challenges and opportunities to capture B2B buyers’ attention. He underscored the superiority of insightful content over traditional marketing approaches, highlighting PR leaders’ opportunity to drive impactful storytelling initiatives.


Ophelie Janus, the Global Head of Thought Leadership at Siemens, emphasized the importance of thought leadership in creating stronger relationships between businesses and customers. She underlined the importance of providing reliable and practical insights to establish trust and create value for customers throughout their journey.


The 2024 report highlights the importance of thought leadership in the changing B2B landscape. It encourages organizations to prioritize quality content and strategic communication to succeed.