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Laurie Pehar Borsh has been providing clients with cutting-edge marketing and now, digital media PR solutions for professionals and companies for over 20 years. She has used her passion for promoting people, places, and things to create a reputation for her unique and intense brand.


Laurie’s instincts and skills for providing personal service to executives and organizations began with her work in the restaurant industry, and continued with her passion and career in fitness, working for the famed Sports Club Company (now owned by Equinox), La Costa Resort & Spa and for Cunard Cruise Lines, among others.  During that time, she simultaneously developed an interest in creating her own PR/Promotions business, while also teaching fitness classes and working as a personal trainer.


She rolled out her official career in 1987 as Promotions and Activities Director for The Sports Club Company (Sports Club/LA and Spectrum Clubs). Shortly thereafter, Laurie launched her first venture, Behind the Scenes Unltd.–a PR and promotions production agency. The Sports Club Company became a loyal client, as did Reebok International and the Walt Disney Company, among others.


Behind the Scenes for Business and Personal Brand Growth!

In addition to establishing Behind the Scenes to serve her corporate clients, Laurie began developing a personal promotions business for solo professionals, executives, and business owners. This specialty focused on marketing and public relations services to individual professionals and business owners in the health industry. Laurie soon combined the resources of her corporate and personal approach, for example when she participated as a member of the start-up team for The Toluca Lake Tennis & Fitness Club, neighboring the studio lots of Warner Brothers, Universal, NBC, and Disney. The club soon became one of the top private clubs in Los Angeles, boasting celebrity members including David Hyde Pierce, Sherry Belafonte, Neil Patrick Harris, and Ryan Seacrest.


In 2007, Laurie focused on providing personal promotions business for executives looking for a different way to hunt down new job opportunities. Her agent-based representation model included a personal promotional campaign program that later included social media development and management. The service gained further momentum during the Great Recession.


As social media became a viable and cost-effective channel for publicity, promotion, and marketing, it became increasingly important to the reputation and promotion of executives. Laurie sought to capitalize on this emerging opportunity for those trying to navigate the wild west of social media and the Internet in general. She shaped her firm into Laurie Pehar Borsh Personal PR Productions to produce PR programs and represent professionals and businesses on digital media, as well as traditional media and marketing channels.  Along with the fitness industry, she began serving executives in financial services, energy, construction, hospital/health, food and beverage, management consulting, and law.


The Power of Human Interaction Online

Laurie believes the power of human interaction is what truly propels social media. And that it is now critical to build a valued following and online presence. Accordingly, Laurie knows how to help key players come out from the shadows of an organization into appropriate online situations that become social bonds, animating business relationships, and brand promises.


Laurie stays ahead of the curve in providing her clients with an edge in this fast-changing world of digital PR and online reputation. She employs an important distinction: Digital PR addresses the use of the Internet to develop publicity for people, places, and things similar to how it is done in traditional media channels (print, radio, television, event production).  Social Media and Digital PR combine Internet technology and social networking/media for the exchange and sharing of perspectives to create and interact with valued customers, prospects, employees, and others.


While there are many experts offering plenty of great information and advice about the ins and outs of social media, there continues to be a huge disconnect between people and businesses when it comes to putting effective social media practices into place (strategy). There is even more of this disconnect and inconsistency when it comes to having to keep social media audience building and news and content refreshed and in motion regularly (tactical management).


Putting a Human Touch on the Digital World

To that end, Laurie Pehar Borsh PR now provides simple to complex digital PR strategy productions, as well as tactical and web reputation management services. Putting a “traditional” public relations professional and digital PR producer in place to develop the right content and messaging, as well as to keep audiences building via true personal engagement in the social media space, is not so much of a luxury, but more of a necessity. Her goal is to help clients achieve consistent online visibility and publicity that will continually support marketing and sales programs or a professional career advancement effort.


During her years of entrepreneurship, Laurie has formed and nurtured hundreds of contacts with professionals in advertising, marketing, entertainment, medical, sports and fitness, health and beauty, and event production industries, who remain a critical part of her professional network. She exhibits high ethical standards and enthusiasm for her clients, and she hires every member of her staff with the same standards in mind.


Laurie, her husband, and two children reside in California and Arizona. Health and fitness continue to be a big part of her lifestyle and identity.