Using AI in Digital Marketing: Top 7 Disadvantages


AI in digital marketing is fast becoming all the new rage. So… I had to share this post by NPDigital*, which offers deep insight for all marketing and PR professionals. A must read.


Here’s the post:


With so much of the digital marketing world adopting artificial intelligence, you may ask, “Am I the only digital marketer with concerns about AI?”


The answer is a resounding no!


As with any new technology, there are always those with hesitations. Even in those who eagerly adopted AI, there may still be concerns about its disadvantages and risks. This is especially true for digital marketers.


In this post, we’ll outline the current state of AI. We’ll then share seven disadvantages of AI in digital marketing, as determined by our survey respondents. Finally, we’ll share tips for mitigating such disadvantages and risks, so you can adopt AI for the benefit of your marketing strategy.


How AI is Being Used in the Marketing Landscape


There is a lot of misunderstanding about how companies use AI. This is often due to lack of understanding of what AI is and what it actually can do.


As it currently stands, AI touches many aspects of digital marketing. For example, it’s used by email marketing platforms to collect customer data and personalize content. It’s also used by advertising platforms to optimize digital ad placements.


There are some digital marketers who use AI to collect and curate content. Even just popping a prompt into ChatGPT or any other AI copywriting tools counts as content curation.


There are more blatant examples. Chatbots are a common occurrence across the web. They use AI technology to respond to customer questions, but also to learn how to better interact with customers in the future.


The use of AI in digital marketing is wide and varied. As more AI tools become available, this is only likely to increase over time.


What does the Data Show Us about AI Risk and Disadvantages?

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Top 7 Disadvantages of Using AI in Digital Marketing