Business Social Media Strategy Success: A Few Tactical Tips


Putting a business social media strategy into play is crucial for connecting with current customers and, more importantly, for business growth. Yet, even though business leaders acknowledge the impact of social media, many still need help to fully capitalize on its dynamic benefits.


Here are some simple ways to start making meaningful improvements.


Optimize Social Media Pages and Profiles

Your social media page acts as your business’s virtual storefront, as does your personal social media profile as an owner, president, CEO, etc. Before creating content, ensure your social media accounts are welcoming and informative landing pages.


Update your account branding (logos, headers), craft a compelling business summary, and ensure clear links to your company website. As the brand ambassador of your business or company, your social media profiles should be updated or created with a professional or appropriate headshot—consistency in colors, images, and wording across platforms. Doing so establishes a cohesive brand identity, making a lasting first impression on potential customers.


Quick Tip: Utilize graphic design tools for a professional-looking logo, header, or photo in minutes.


Don’t Just Post. Engage

Social media is a two-way street. Beyond sharing content, actively engage with your audience. Like, comment, or share posts from other businesses or influencers in your industry.


Respond individually to comments and reviews, building trust and transparency. Actively participating in conversations fosters relationships, increasing visibility for your content. And that can be the case for your business or personal social media accounts!


Quick Tip: Dedicate five minutes daily to respond to comments and engage for long-term returns.


Schedule Posts 

Consistency is vital in creating more visibility on social media. Posting regularly builds familiarity with your audience and increases authority and visibility—leverage scheduling tools to plan posts, ensuring a consistent online presence.


Quick Tip: Choose posting times when your audience is most active for optimal visibility and engagement.


 Share Testimonials

Positive customer feedback is a powerful marketing tool and should be part of every business’s social media strategy. Share testimonials on social media (with permission) to build trust and credibility. Showcasing your customers’ experience with your brand shows appreciation for their loyalty and enhances your brand’s authenticity.

Quick Tip: Transform reviews into visually appealing graphics to make testimonials more shareable and noticeable.


Use Hashtags Strategically!

Hashtags amplify your content’s visibility, but their strategic use is paramount. Research industry-relevant hashtags and incorporate them organically into your content. Consider creating a unique brand hashtag to distinguish your posts.


Quick Tip: Research popular hashtags in your industry or generate them with available tools.


Social media might seem daunting for business owners, but these actionable steps can elevate your online presence. These simple, practical measures can help create a social media strategy that will be integral to your future success.


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