THE SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION-HOW CAN YOU BENEFIT? with Social Media Expert/Consultant, Aaron Friedman

Aaron Friedman ( is a creative and innovative technology pioneer with “get it done” attitude who enjoys digging deep to merge systems technology with sound business practices in reaching corporate goals; Implements pragmatic financial planning in presenting project options to decision-makers; Astute in planning and delivering the most effective solution completing projects on time and within pre-established budget parameters; Builds a respectful, positive relationship with staff instilling a top performance environment while remaining sensitive to team needs.

Aaron is now a full time Technologist, Entrepreneur, and Social Media Strategist who will be talking to Laurie about the importance of Social Media, Social Networking and Personal PR and Branding as it pertains to executive and professional employment search as well as how employee sourcing is being done and will be done in the future. His popular blog Aaron Friedman’s Works –Moving Business Forward with Technology

Aaron Friedman
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