My PR Mentor, Lynne Doll, the ultimate advocate for life leaves behind a legacy…lasting PR

On August 3, 2010 my childhood friend and long-time partner and president of The Rogers Group, Lynne Doll, passed away (link).  She was 48. While she fought hard to battle Cancer over the last three years, and won that fight, in the end she lost her life to a stroke. The stroke was most likely due to complications that came about from one or more cutting-edge cancer treatment/procedures she underwent while fighting the cancer. Those treatments were a result of Lynne being her own best advocate while battling cancer. She believed that everyone (fighting cancer or any disease for that matter) must absolutely be their own best advocate. In her opinion advocacy was the only way to win. But then again being an advocate was pretty easy for Lynne Doll to do—advocacy was in her blood–she was the ultimate advocate.

As an award wining top Los Angeles Public Relations Executive, Lynne Doll was a nationally recognized crisis communications expert. She was known for her handling of tough challenges in public relations and risk management, and was sought out by top corporations for her counsel. Lynne also directed The Rogers Group public sector practice, serving as a key strategist for several major social marketing campaigns and leading the agency to win numerous awards and national accolades for public education campaigns in the areas of health, environment, education and early childhood development.

Lynne’s passion for community involvement and volunteerism was a driving force behind the development of her agency’s Community Involvement Program, which to this day encourages staff to contribute time, talent and money to organizations in need, with support from the firm. At the time f her passing, she served on the Boards of Directors for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles ( and The DAISY Foundation ( Previously she had also served on the national and regional Boards of Directors for the National Conference for Community and Justice, an organization that fights bigotry and racism–ultimate advocacy, need I say more?

I could go on and on about my friend Lynne Doll. She was a friend for over 45 years–our families are still fast friends to this day. While I didn’t see her a lot, she was one of those friends that you could call and talk to as if you had just seen her the day before (even during the cancer, travel, meetings, etc.). I have always admired her and truly aspired to be like her in this world of Public Relations. Lynne Doll, the PR woman, was one of those people who kind of made you feel as if you had not worked hared enough or lived your life to the fullest, but in a good and inspirational way. Let me tell you, even though this girl was busier than busy in her professional life, she still balanced all of it with a full personal life. Spending tons of time playing and traveling with her daughter, husband, three sisters, mother (her father passed after his battle with cancer about six years ago), cousins, and “her gang” of friends–there were over 300 at her Memorial on August 13th.

Needless to say “Ms. PR Doll” and my PR Mentor lived LARGE–in the midst of building her agency, serving her community, fighting cancer and advocating for life. I will miss her very much. Even though I am very sad, I can only say that I am inspired to move forth and advocate for my own clients and those who need a chance to continue to live life. This woman left a legacy and I am sure you will her more about a foundation or non-profit that will be named for Lynne Doll in the very near future. Talk about lasting Personal PR—isn’t this something we all must strive for?