Why PR and SEO are Inherently Connected!

PR and SEO are and will forever remain connected.PR and SEO


While there are more and more ranking factors that Google continues to apply to organic search rankings, backlinks still remain one of the most fundamental aspects of SEO. And not only are backlinks still vital (they have been around for a long time), getting the “right kind” of backlink has become harder than ever. Why? Because you have to reach for backlinks from high authority sites and sites within your niche.


These are backlinks that need to be “editorially placed” — which means specific links were placed in specific content because they offered value to the reader. This is earning rather than simply winning a backlink, and you have to work hard to earn media, as most public relations professionals attest to! To that end backlinks on high authority, websites are, in my opinion, SEO GOLD for public relations professionals and the companies they represent.


Content is King and so are Backlinks from High Authority Websites.


It’s all about the art of PR! After all, it is the job of PR to win or EARN media coverage and that includes digital publications. We finally are attributing digital media publication placement as earned media! It’s about time! So when you win a piece of earned media, the article (via the editor’s placement) will usually include a backlink to your site. These are your most valuable backlinks because they’re editorially placed and in high authority or industry niche publication websites. Remember, “Content is King” as they say.


In this post “rank brain” world, Google places more emphasis on the quality of content than ever before. Let’s say you only invest in creating a few core pages on your website, such as your homepage and a couple of product pages, then you earn some high authority backlinks, you could be successful in ranking for a few broad keyword terms.  However, if you want to rank for as many keywords as possible, to onboard organic traffic at all stages of the purchase funnel, then you have to invest in even more content. Meanwhile, public relations can continue pumping out quality content in order to win earned digital media placement. This means you can actually be way more efficient and get way more value out of combining your PR and SEO content efforts!


The Importance of a Digital Footprint.


A digital footprint is what a user finds, on the first page of Google, when they enter your brand name. This is really important because it’s the first impression you make with the vast majority of people who engage with your brand!  You obviously always want your website to be in the top spot, and your social profiles should also occupy some of the results. But to really make a good impression, the average user is going to want to see more than a nice website and your Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. For maximum credibility, users also need to find mentions of your brand in high authority websites, such as publications or review sites.  This can propel you from an unknown entity into a credible business. This is what PR delivers!


While your digital footprint isn’t always quite the same thing as the SEO of your own websites, it’s all linked! The more earned media you win,  the more backlinks you win, and the more our website ranking improves. Furthermore, the more articles mentioning your brand online, the more users can find when searching for you and this equates the exceptional personal or business brand visibility and credibility