Social Media: Not Just Another Sales Pitch

Nobody likes to be outright “sold to” either online or offline.  Just think of the last time you went to lease or buy a car. It’s not much fun to be on the receiving end of anybody’s sales barrage, whether you’re an interested buyer or not…

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Social Media: Not Just Another Sales Pitch | Barrel O'Monkeyz Forum for Monkey Chatter


2 Responses to “Social Media: Not Just Another Sales Pitch”

  1. No-one should ever manipulate you into choosing an online or offline platform…
    whatever works best for you …

    My facebook fan-page has 6000 fans (2000 perverts were blocked).
    My website has quite a few unique vs non-unique visitors.
    My personal blog for my haters is gaining momentum to exposure the REALITY of intimidation by haters.

    My twitter profile is exciting as it keeps me updated quickly and easily.
    My myspace profile I don’t use because of the phishing-malware virus that infiltrated it in 2007 to move me going to facebook.

    My LinkedIn profile in collaboration with my email system is perfect for business-related communication.

    BBM and whatsapp : I don’t do business on as last time I gave my BBM-pin in my fan-page of 6000, I had 2000 people pinging me at odd times of the day…

    • Deon – agreed. But you are in social media all day long – you get it. There are still so many (we are a minority with all this knowledge!) – who don’t know what works for them! So sometimes you have to figure it out along the way (like you did with MySpace) and the nice things about online/social media is the ability to pull the plug on a campaign when it’s not pulling in the right KPI results or for most, new business or opportunities (over the long run of course). Thanks for your candid comment!

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