Social Media is the future for Career/Business Branding and Expansion.

Dan Blank, Director of Content Strategy & Development for Reed Business Information, a B2B publisher and media company, has great blog called: Dan Blank: Publishing, Innovation & the Web. Great post today:  Expand Your Brand & Career: Open a Twitter Account. Right Now (I also commented on it when of my fellow “Twitterers” posted it by “re-tweeting” about it today on my Twitter Account:  Another one of my fellow Tweeters (and forgive me if I have the jargon a bit off still, but I am just getting into the world of Twitter in an effort to expand my own brand, but more importantly my CLIENTS’ BRANDS)… who blogs on: shared a great article about using Facebook on a business and personal level called “How to Friend Mom, Dad and the Boss on Facebook”  Same page, different people get to see and share different things. Needless to say I am revising my FB page this weekend and will be revising some of my Client’s pages as well (and setting up more of them on FB).  If you think that Linked In (still one of the best OSNs for business) is the end-all, well FB, if done right, is right on their tail in the OSN world for business (again if set up right).  MySpace (a Fox company is coming back – getting ready to go big there as well for myself and some of my clients- especially those more on the creative/consumer products ends of things). They offer so many more widgets (for cross posting) – -which is what I love.  Don’t be afraid of Social Media – it’s a Brave New World, yes, but it is our future –time for use baby boomers to step outside of the 1 dimensional web box!