Robert Kruk, a Global Technology Operations Senior Executive

Discussion with Robert (Rob) Kruk, a Global Technology Operations Senior Executive, offers more than 20 years of global business and information technology operations experience. Throughout his career at IBM and prior to that Ernst & Young, he built a successful record of aligning IT organizations with specific processes and goals that reduced costs, improved functionality, and optimized operations. You can read more about his experience and record of successful implementation at:

My goal is to help organizations uncover and discover exceptional and sustainable talent, like Rob Kruk who offers a proven track record of success. I work for only those executives and professionals who I believe will only add value to an organization for bottom line growth—a MUST HAVE within today’s unique business climate. I’m sure you can agree that with so many organizations now looking to swiftly engineer significant results now is the time to take a new approach to finding the right leadership talent.

Rob Kruk offers that exact kind of leadership talent… a MUST have guy for any organization who is looking for the right CIO, CTO, OUTSOURCE/OFFSHORE VENDOR MANAGEMET VP or other tecnological operational leader.