Outsource Your Personal PR Campaign – nothing to lose, everything to gain!

Self promotion (personal publicity) has become a 4-dimensional sustainable thing thanks to the Internet.  Along with regular (on and offline) networking and professional marketing collaterals (resumes, bio, case studies, etc.),  people now need things like also branded domain names, personal websites and now the every-popular social profiles of course (Linked In, etc.), blogging, micro-blogging (as in Twitter) and audio and visual profiles and blogs. Then there is the whole “work them in unison” deal—as in keep everything going at all at once at all times now, NOT just when you “think” you need to.  PERSONAL PR IS A CONSTANT THING.  And whoever says “Personal PR? I don’t need THAT – WHAT FOR?”  Tell them to get their head out of the 1990’s sand! (Kidding, but well it’s true!)

All of this new self promotion (personal publicity) stuff can be pretty overwhelming for most and not a whole lot of folks really know what to do or how to do it.  So a lot of people really do need someone to help them: write, produce, place, pitch, campaign etc. (There is a lot to good Self Promotion!).   While a lot of people think they can’t afford t0 hire a Personal PR Person to handle them, I have to tell you that it might be worth it if you think about TIME AS BEING MONEY!  I meet a lot of people who are also just tired of “working it” all on their own, day-in and day-out too. So having someone “there” to support is also a key to success in this new media/PR world!

One of my clients just reminded me that 60% of the people who start on Twitter end up dropping off and out within a MONTH! Why?  Because most people just don’t know how to use it, maneuver in it or even have time for it or even want to deal with it. But get this, savvy people (in business no less) KNOW that (yes) they need to get into Twitter or they will be left in the on line dust.  Twitter is not “going downhill” – most people need to be produced properly on the thing (along with blogs, websites, videos and all the rest). NOT EVERYONE CAN BE THEIR OWN GREAT PRODUCER (FOLLOW ME?).

Outsource Personal PR/Social Media, Networking and Brand Development.  I say why not let someone else take your best interests to heart and make you look great?

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  1. You are on the money with the comment of “Make you look great”

    The majority of us understand “Looking great” when we go out but forget this when we think of our organisations.

    Little immediate Return on Investment or lack of financial resources is the reason that many organisations do not go down this must do activity.

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