Online Personal Branding and PR: Get it Now, Not When (Build it now and they will come)…

I often talk to people (on and off line) who are all about “the When” when it comes to building a personal brand and publicity campaign:  “When I need to look for a new job” or “When I launch my new products” or “When my competition starts doing it.” There should be NO “when” when it comes to building a personal on line brand or Web 2.0. Build it out now, manage it well and “they will come” –when the time is right.  It take take a good 6 months to a year to develop your personal brand and drive a campaign that will lead to an end.

The thing is, I guess, that most people (especially on the job search side of things) are so darn paranoid of “being found out.” YOU DO NOT need to announce to anyone that you are looking for a job.  Everyone who is anyone should have a brand and a publicity campaign out there to develop that brand –keep it simple.  Just ensure the messaging is right and the placement of it all is correct.  If anything, the world of executive search is going towards Web 2.0 sourcing and away from Job Boards, but do NOT think that you’ll be discovered if your brand messaging and placement is not interesting, viable or findable!  Consider some of training courses that search professionals are tapping into:  Guys like Glenn Gutmacher and Shally Steckerl who are the materminds behind this training course and many others, heading up Arbita Consulting Education Services (ACES)  in an effort to redefine the art of recruiting as it pertains to the social media. They are getting search pros off the job boards and on to the Web as a whole function!   In my mind’s eye it’s like good old fashioned “hunting of heads” (circa 1988), but only now we have the Internet and the world is an oyster!

So all I am saying here is – don’t be shy, don’t wait and don’t say “when” – because when might be too late.  Again, “build it now” and they will come (sooner if not later).