Mark Sadovnick and Catherine Gray of RezBuzz – NEW VIDEO RESUME SOCIAL NETWORK LAUNCH

As the Social Media Revolution continues to change the way in which we all connect, socialize, meet and network online, the resume–one of the last remnants of the “paper world”—has finally gone digital. The video resume (VR) concept has been around for awhile, but the way in which they are produced and utilized will have a lot to do with the acceptance and success of VRs in the marketplace. Needless to say, the VR concept has yet to be perfected. Until now.

Los Angeles-based Corp Shorts Video Productions (www.Corp is changing the landscape of how video resumes are being produced, utilized and promoted with the launch of REZBUZZ(

RezBuzz is a video resume and branding service paired with a social networking platform that spans the globe bringing together job seekers and businesses looking for new employees. RezBuzz offers hiring professionals and employers a way to search for candidates and for candidates to search for employers with the distinctive feature of connecting through a Professional Video Resume (or “PVR”) or a Corporate Profile Video.

RezBuzz combines some of the most popular networking communities on the World-Wide-Web. We like to think of it as a “LinkedIn meets YouTube meets meets Facebook meets” kind of networking environment.

A video introduction is located on the RezBuzz home page: