John Chapin on How to get Blood from a Stone: How to Sell More in a Tough Economy

Want to know how to Sell More in a Tough Economy?
Once plentiful budgets have been slashed or dried up altogether, the number of prospects and customers has dwindled significantly, and the boom felt in many industries during recent years has come to a screeching halt as customers and prospects take a wait-and-see attitude with the current economy. So what can be done? Must you wait and hope the economy turns around in time? No! You need the Sales Encyclopedia, by John J. Chapin and others… buy it on or Amazon!

With over 21 years of sales experience in some of the toughest markets ever seen, Sales Expert, John Chapin can both motivate and educate your organization to sell more and significantly increase business in any market, including the one we’re in currently. John has sold in three industries where he was the #1 Sales Rep in two of those industries and in the top 1% in the third.

Prior to starting Complete Selling Inc., John sold bank equipment for Diebold, Inc. where he became the top salesperson in New England during his first year. John Chapin has extensive experience in both face-to-face and telemarketing sales. He is an award winning public speaker, among his accomplishments and was voted the 2nd best speaker out of 127 Toastmasters Clubs in Massachusetts.

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