Brendan J. Cunningham, The Seventh Sense: The Key to Your Effectiveness in Life and Business

In this, his second book, Brendan J. Cunningham reveals the Power of the Seventh Sense and guides readers through to a new understanding on how they can make this incredible force work for them.
Readers will discover exactly what the ancient philosopher who taught Emperor Marcus Aurelius knew about it, and they will learn how one Medal of Honor recipient used it to became one of America’s greatest heroes.

The Seventh Sense gives a new understanding of the Power that rests in each us. Through countless examples and a series of exercises, readers will be able to tap into this otherwise dormant sense so they can maximize all that they do and learn to achieve more than others around them.

The Seventh Sense: The Key to Your Effectiveness in Life and Business is available via most online book retailers as well as through Outskirt Press. For more information, visit

Executive Coach and Fortune 500 Business Consultant, Brendan J. Cunningham has vast experience in developing people to realize how their fullest potential can be achieved. His recognized expertise in the real estate industry — with over $1 billion in lifetime brokerage and sales — is revealed in his book Tricks of the Trade: a Real Estate Broker’s Inside Advice into Buying and Selling a Home (2004).

With over 1500 speaking engagements to his credit throughout the U. S. and Canada, he stands ready to get his readers to the next level by using a coaching and consulting methodology described by some as one part, Dr Phil, two parts General Patton, with a jigger of Columbo thrown in for taste.