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Josh Slavitt: The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Today

Josh Slavitt is a senior Public Affairs Leader who specializes in Stakeholder Mapping, Relationship Development, Issues Management and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Working for various companies in this capacity including the Philip Morris Companies for some 25 years Mr. Slavitt offers experience dealing with internal, external, and governmental issues having developing strategic long-range proactive (and reactive) approaches that build consensus, engage stakeholders and broker agreements as well as advance corporate positioning and reputation.

How to Gain Massive Visibility on the Internet to Build Your Business

Laurie Pehar Borsh talks with Internet Entrepreneur Kathleen Gage who recently launched “The Street Smarts Marketing VIP Club Membership Program” ( . The very affordable 52 week program is based on the very things Kathleen has used to build her own business as well as many of her own clients’ businesses and teaches members how to build a sustainable six figure online business. Get ready for an interesting and inspiring 30 minutes!