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Discussion with John Hudson – Senior Human Resources Executive Leader and Expert

John Hudson is a business-focused strategic and tactical Senior Human Resources Executive with more than 20 years of experience in diverse industries including petroleum, pharmaceuticals, semi-conductors, and gaming. He is exceptionally skilled at aligning global human resource functions with business goals, mission, and vision. John is adept at creating and using a variety of metrics to assess performance and build continuously improving collaborative teams. He is an energetic advocate for operational, financial, quality control, and safety initiatives that enhance employee performance, retain top talent, and achieve business profitability. John achieves success by establishing a strong functional HR department that serves as an active partner with the CEO and management team to assimilate, restructure, develop, and expand the organization, as circumstances require.

Discussion with Eduardo Rodriguez, Compliance & Regulation Senior Executive Management Leader

Eduardo Rodriguez is an Executive Leader experienced in administrative compliance, regulation, mergers & acquisitions, public policy, business operations, planning, and implementation strategies in Fortune 500 and privately held organizations. A business-focused executive with a Juris Doctor Degree (JD Law), he was a key lead officer involved in effectively restructuring a major electric utility through Chapter 11 and restoring it to a strong accountability and financial position. Eddie is prepared to fill an Executive Management, Oversight Function, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary or Executive Director position for a regulated business, State or Federal entity, advocacy group, energy or natural resource organization, start-up company, or a company reorganizing and needing leadership for structural or compliant-based systems for process improvement or better risk management.

Discussion with Mark Dabe – Global Senior Sales and Operations Executive

Mark Dabe is a Senior Sales and Operations Executive with more than 10 years of global experience focusing on technology industries. He is adept at managing sales teams, building relationships, handling high-level sales negotiations, growing a business, and achieving exceptional levels above sales quotas. He is a results-focused executive who leads by example with strengths in strategic business development, P&L, and improving product portfolios. Mark builds long-term customer relationships and is a strong advocate for treating associates and customers fairly. He generates exceptional sales by aligning business objectives to better serve the company and its customers.