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A Discussion with Cynthia Fodell Mott – Leading Marketing and Communications Executive

Cynthia Fodell Mott is a dynamic marketing and communications executive with 20+ years of experience leading teams in multi-channel marketing and media initiatives in Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer areas. She developed and maintained mutually beneficial corporate relationships in financial services, real estate, mortgage banking, and healthcare & employee benefits. Cynthia is a charismatic, motivating, and straightforward leader with strong professional ethics and a results-oriented performance-based focus.

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Discussion with Doug DeLong – Senior Operations Executive – Global Supply Chain Management

Doug DeLong is a high-energy, team-oriented Senior Operations Manager with 20 years of Executive Leadership experience in global supply chain management for Fortune 500 manufacturing and commodity companies. He is proficient in strategic and global sourcing, logistics, supply chain management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Lean Manufacturing. Doug is exceptionally skilled in identifying and implementing initiatives that produce bottom-line results by improving product flow and distribution. These days, Doug is also in search of a new executive leadership opportunity where he can really be able to use his great success, leadership and pure passion for his work–in an effort to help an organization achieve unsurpassed profits and a health bottom line.